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Our all-in-one system is the easiest and most efficient way to start farming up to 6 acres.

By bining climate-smart technology with regenerative farming practices, Farm from a Box helps conserve water, improve soil quality, and increase nutrient rich-farm production. We help take the guesswork out of starting your farm by creating a plete kit tailored to your needs.

Clean technology powers healthy, locally grown, nutritious food.

Every person should have access to healthy, nutrient-rich food and every farmer should be able to provide for themselves and their munity in a safe, environmentally-beneficial way. Food production is about more than just growing crops—it provides independence, opportunity, and a way to reconnect with the food we eat.

One System. Multiple Uses.

Farm from a Box is the “Swiss Army Knife” of sustainable farming— a multi-purpose toolkit adaptable to a wide range of possibilities. Whether used to connect schools with healthy food and an edible education, to modernize farming operations with improved technology for more profitability, or to jumpstart food production after a disaster, our system has the flexibility to help you get growing.

Our farm system can grow any kind of crop, giving you the flexibility you need.

If your focus is on growing healthy food to sustain a munity, our farm system supports growing nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, and plant-based proteins.

If revenue generation is your goal, our system supports a wide range of high value cash crops for market sales.

What makes us different from traditional farming?

We use modern technology to make farming more efficient, more productive, and more environmentally sustainable—an all-in-one system, configured to your needs.

An empowering solution to a global need.

Small-scale, rural farmers are the backbone of our global food supply and are vulnerable to the effects of climate change and drought. Many rural areas struggle with limited access to infrastructure or necessary farming technology that could strengthen and stabilize their local food production.

Farm from a Box is a powerful tool for global food security and economic empowerment.

Farm from a Box isn’t just about food production.

It’s about strengthening local munities around the world and enabling them to grow their own nutritious food with clean technology in regions where it is needed most.

We are doing our part to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Goals.


clean water
and sanitation

affordable and
clean energy

industry, innovation,
and infrastructure


for the goals

Farm from a Box is an award-winning social enterprise and Benefit Corporation based in San Francisco, California.